Signicade Standard

Frame Pickup 1-2 Business Day
Production w/Print 4-5 Days


Signicade Standard for only $83

Come by our Sacramento Signicade shop location and pick up one of the most popular A-Frame signs available by Plasticade.

Signicade Sacramento

Signicade A-Frame displays

offer you so many ways to display your signs, with some of the most popular techniques include, applying Full-Color adhesive vinyl to the Signicade sign. There also is an option to apply Dry Erase Adhesive Vinyl which is a popular choice for locations that need to be able to quickly change out daily specials using a dry erase pen and eraser. This is a very popular option with food and drink locations with daily specials that need to be changed out often. Some other people get more creative, and they choose to apply there signs and chalkboards with bolts or double-sided adhesive. We do not recommend the bolt-on methods, because not only does it ruin a nice presentation. But mainly because for only a little more you can get the Upgraded version by purchasing a Signicade Deluxe.

Signicade Sign frames are made with a 100% Plastic body and are very durable and easy to clean. No more chipped wood sign holder, or rusty and bent frames. Your Signicade will look clean and professional for as long as you maintain its appearance. The handle is molded into the a-frame making it simple to carry. And another great feature is that you can weigh down your Signicade with sand or water by using the fill hole area.

Signicade features

A fast rundown on some of the features include.

• The body is made of 100 percent plastic including the molded into the frame handle. Making your sign easy to clean and maintain.
• Signicade A-frames hold 24″x36″ signs. And there are multiple ways to apply them to the signicade frame.
• You can use sand to weigh down the signicade frame. Terrific for the light winds outdoors.
• Hinges lock your sign into place so that it stands upright correctly all the time.

We offer the Signicade standard frame right here in Sacramento. We also can provide the printing for all types of inserts for your new Signicade. As well as provide you easy to install inserts for the ones you may already have.

Signicade Inserts available by Costello Print Shop

• Full Color Vinyl ( most popular option )
• Dry Erase Vinyl (adhesive)
• Foam Signs (applied with velcro)
• Corrugated Plastic Signs (applied with velcro)

We offer plenty of Plasticade displays in Sacramento. At some of the best prices, we can offer. We price our items at, or lower than our online only storefronts. So if you are in Sacramento, Ca. Stop by our local sign shop located at 4740 Myrtle Ave Unit A, Sacramento, CA 95841 and have a look at some of Plasticade’s many display options for your Business or Event.



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