6.5×8 EDDM® Postcards

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6.5×8 EDDM® postcards are printed in full color onto 14pt or 16pt cover stock. As a result of the inks and materials used to print your 6.5×8 sized postcards your mailer will look fantastic. And is offered to you at our lowest prices every day.

A UV gloss coating is also available at no additional charge.  By adding UV gloss coating it really gives the colors on your mailer a vibrant pop. But, please note that you cannot write on UV gloss coating. So if you need to write on your EDDM® Postcard, please be sure to select no UV gloss for that side.

And speaking of sides, did you know that you can have us prepare either a single-sided or double-sided 6.5×8 EDDM® postcard.

These 6.5×8 Postcards are available for in-store pickup in our Sacramento Print Shop or delivery to any US address for an additional fee.

Setting up your 6.5×8® EDDM Postcard

EDDM® postcard designs need to have a bleed. That means that the background of your 6.5×8 EDDM® postcard needs to be 8.127″x6.627″ so that when your postcard is trimmed to 6.5×8 there will still be some ink on the discard side of the paper sheet. This allows your images to be printed all the way to the edges.

The proper resolution to use is 300dpi. 6.627 x 8.127 at 300 dpi also comes out to 2438 x 1998 in pixel size if you are using a design tool that does not export a 300 resolution file.

Once we receive your order and images, your art gets reviewed to ensure that it fits the template for a proper print.

6.5×8 EDDM® Postcard Quick Reference

To ensure that your art is print-ready please be sure they fit the following guidelines

• Bleed – Your images have a bleed and are 6.627″x 8.127″
• Safe Area – Your important text and other images are inside the blue safe area of the template away from the edges.
• DPI / Resolution – 300 dpi is used. Many programs default to 150dpi please be sure your images are 300dpi.
• Fonts – All text must be converted to outlines, this is because if we do not have the matching font it can be substituted. And if you are using word docs, please be sure to send only a print-ready art file like .jpg at 300 dpi.

6.5×8 EDDM® Postcard Tips

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