Retractable Banner Stands

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Our Retractable Banners Stands are available with or without print. At some of the lowest prices Sacramento has to offer.

Banner Stands Sacramento

Banner stands available for in store pickup or local delivery within Sacramento. Costello print shop is offering vertical banner stands with print. At the same cheap prices, we offer on our other online web stores.

You are welcome to come into our Sacramento sign shop. So you can have a look at some of our demo models in person. To see what adjustable banner stand size is right for your needs. You can also collaborate with a designer to make sure that your banner stand looks the best that it can.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands are now available in our Sacramento Sign Shop location. Your banner stand will be ready within 2-4 business days for much less than other sign shops. Why would we offer them at a lower price than our competitors? The reason is that we are an online sign and print shop with a physical location in Sacramento. We do not want to offer a higher price than we currently offer on our other websites. Because we feel that would be unfair and basically price gouging. So if you are in Sacramento, not only do you get our low online price points when it comes to signs and print. But you also get, to work with someone in person face to face. Or collaborate with a graphic designer in our local shop for the art in your Retractable Banner Stand.

Retractable Banner Stands do not weigh very much so they are easy to transport and also come with a Free carrying case. These banner stands are used for just about any type of indoor sign display you can think of. These are often found in Lobbies, Hospitals, Retail locations and trade shows. The size of the roll up roll down banner is big enough to make a huge impact but yet folds away when not in use into a very compact space for easy storage. I would strongly suggest a polyester fabric to anyone looking at one of these retractable banner stands.

What material do your banner stands come in?

Our retractable banner stands that we currently offer come in your choice of either Matte Vinyl or Polyester Fabric. Fabric and Matte vinyl have two different looks but I find the polyester has great color qualities from the sublimation printing process it goes through. Actually both Matte and Polyester look great and both handle flashes from cameras well. But the one big advantage polyester has over vinyl is that the fabric does not wrinkle. You can get wrinkles out of vinyl but, it is usually not an issue when using polyester banner stands.

How to change a Retractable Banner Stand Sign?

The process for changing out a banner sign in your retractable banner display is basic and easy using only a few tools to do the job correctly. We will be adding a video soon, so that you can visually see how to do perform this task.

• All banner stands include a key to be able to access the bottom of the banner. You can also use an allen wrench if you lost your key.

• Most banner stands all you need to do is remove the current sign, and tape the new sign to the bottom of the banner stand. Make sure that it is even.

• The top of the retractable banner stand has a clamp that position the top of your new banner sign and close it down.

• It is a very easy procedure to do, and an upcoming video will better detail how to change these awesome signs out.

standard vs deluxe vs sd banner stand

The stands that we currently are, Standard, Deluxe and SD.

The standard retractable banner stand is available in the following sizes. The base of the stand has two wide slide sideways feet to stabilize your indoor banner sign display.

Standard retractable banner stands with Printing are available in the following sizes.

• 33″ x 81″ Banner Stand ( Our most popular )

• 45″x 78″ Banner Stand

• 57″x 78″ Banner Stand


Deluxe Banner stands have a difference when it comes to the base. Instead of the feet, the base is broader with shiny polished ends. Giving your indoor display a great look and takes up less floor space.

Deluxe Banner stands with Printing are available in the following sizes.

• 33 x 81″ Deluxe Banner Stand

Are these banner stands for use outdoors?

We do not recommend these for outdoor use. For outdoor use please be sure to see out outdoor sign displays.