8×10 EDDM® Postcards

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8×10 EDDM® Postcards


8×10 EDDM® Postcards – 5,000 $623 Double Sided


8×10 EDDM® postcards look fantastic when printed on either 14pt or 16pt cover stock. Free UV coating treatment makes the colors very rich and vibrant. We offer these 8×10 every door direct postcards in many quantities. But, right now you can get 5000 printed for only $539.

The normal turnaround time for in-store pick up in our Sacramento Print Shop and Sign shop is about 3-5 business days. We can also ship them to you via UPS for an additional shipping fee if needed. We are located near American River College. We also provide full-service EDDM delivery for details if you would like a full-service solution.

8×10 EDDM® postcard Color Options

• single side print
• Double Side print
• Color Front and Black and White Back

How to layout your 8×10 EDDM® Postcards.

The process of creating your new EDDM® postcard is to print first and trimmed second. These are printed as what is called a full bleed. As we want there to be color on the discarded paper after trimming your background needs to be 8.627″ x 10.127″ and these are trimmed down to 8×10. Resolution or DPI should always be 300 for print. That size translates into 3038 x 2438 pixel size if your design program does not have a way to export a 300 dpi file.

8×10 EDDM® Postcard Reference.

To ensure that your postcard is 8×10 we strongly recommend that you use a template.

• Bleed – Be sure that your background is 8.127 x 10.127 at 300 dpi or 3038 x 2438 pixels
• Safe Area – Keep all important text and images inside the blue safe area of the template.
• Resolution – Should be 300 for printing. This is also referred to as DPI
• Text – If you are going to send a pdf file please be sure the text is outlined.
• Multiple Layers – Please send only a flat image not a layered file.

8×10 EDDM® Postcard Tips

3 quick tips for EDDM® Postcards

• If you have too many words, the reader may be turned off and discard your postcard.
• Use images that show the postcard recipient what you do or a problem you solve visually.
• Be sure to add a time-sensitive offer. People may keep your every door direct mail postcard for years somewhere