Sign Spinner Arrow Shaped 60″x24″

Starting At $45

Sign Spinner 60″x24″
Production: 1-4 Business Days



Sign Spinner Arrow Shaped 60″x24″

Sign spinner signs made right here in Sacramento, Ca at low internet prices. At Costello print shop we have sold online for over 5 years and have been a low price online retailer offering some of the lowest print prices anywhere in the US.

We are now open at our new location near American River College. And our goal is to continue to offer our same attention to deal and offer some locally made signs all over Sacramento.

Sacramento is home to many locally famous sign waivers, so offering one of if not the lowest prices to business’s who need signage for there sign spinner was an easy product to offer right away.

sign spinner-sacramento

Sign Spinner Supplies.

Signs, handles, gloves we can help make sure that your spinner is ready to show off some skills too help promote your business as comfortably as possible.

Our Large 60×24 inch arrow shaped sign is just the perfect sign for sign spinners. As it is not too big or too small, but just right for getting enough aerial lift and not being to big for most tricks.

What size of sign spinner should I get?

We offer our spinner signs in other sizes but this one is one of the most popular for tricks and flips. If you want larger and smaller sizes please have a look at our other shaker signs.

Come visit us in Sacramento

Our sign shop is located at 4740 Myrtle Ave Unit A, Sacramento, CA 95841. We can also make you a sign shaker in a custom size.

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