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Custom Vinyl Banner 13oz

Custom Vinyl Banner made with 13oz thick matte vinyl. Are ON SALE NOW.

You found some of the best prices in Sacramento when it comes to outdoor and indoor vinyl banners.

With Sizes from 30′ x10′

now available for pickup in our Sacramento sign shop.

Our custom vinyl banners can be picked up at your convenience when they are ready. Or delivered to a physical address in Sacramento, Ca.

custom vinyl banner Sacramento

About our Custom Vinyl Banner

They are available in 13oz which is great for outdoor usage but if you require even more thickness we have 15oz available as well. The 13oz matte vinyl is our most popular banner. Because not only can they be used as outdoor banners. They can also be used in banner stands, outdoor sign wraps, and plenty of other projects.

Matte Vinyl Banners have a lower light glare than Glossy Vinyl Banners. And because of that, they make a smart choice to use for displays that may get a lot of hard light. Camera flash glares are not as present as Glossy. So Matte and Fabric banners are often used for trade show displays.

Banner Finishing

We can install grommets and apply hemming to help prolong the longevity of your custom vinyl banner. Grommets will help you hang your banner and the hemming will make it more durable by increasing the strength of the edge of the banners.

Full Color Banners

These are available in full color so you get a chance to display your images on your custom banner. We do offer spot color banners as well, but once you see the difference as well as the design possibilities for your custom banner you will most likely choose a full-color banner.

We also offer Glossy Banners, Fabric Banners, and Mesh Banners

We offer our fully custom vinyl banners at the lowest prices possible in Sacramento for one big reason. And that is because for over 5 years we have offered our services as an online retailer for the 48 States. And after much thought about serving the local Sacramento market, we felt it would be unfair to charge more than what we offer others nationally. To keep our costs as low as possible we are still going to keep our current process as we have had for many years and offer our Banners for in-store pickup or local delivery. What this means is that on average after your design is approved for production, you can come by our banner shop located at 4740 Myrtle Ave, Unit A, and pick up your banners and signs when they are ready. Or we can save you the trip and ship them to you for no additional fee.

We do offer design services as well for your banner and other items. So please feel free to stop in, and say hello. Because sometimes it is just a whole lot nicer to speak to someone in person.

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