9×11 EDDM® Postcards

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9×11 EDDM® Postcards
• 14pt or 16pt Cover
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Free Bundling • Pickup Only Special!

9×11 EDDM® postcards are perfect if you are looking for a larger postcard to stand out among the others in someone’s mailbox. For your every door direct mail post card to be durable. These are printed on heavy 14pt or 16pt cover stock. Plus an optional free gloss UV finish for more color vibrancy and protection. You can pick these up in our Sacramento print shop or we can ship them to you.

How to set up your 9×11 EDDM® Postcard for Print

9×11 EDDM® Postcards are printed with a full bleed. To achieve this, Your image is first printed and then they are trimmed to size. Which is 9×11 in this case. Since there is some trimming involved we ask that your background image is slightly larger. So that it is 9.127×11.127 in size and then these are trimmed to 9×11. This way if there is any blade shifting, there will still be ink on the edges. If your design program does not support 300 Resolution you can use a pixel size of 2738 x 3338. For your 9×11 EDDM® postcards.

9×11 EDDM® Postcard Reference

To ensure that your art is print-ready please be sure they fit the following guidelines

• Bleed – Your images have a bleed so the background needs to be 9.127″ x 11.127″ in pixels that is 2738×3338
• Safe Area – All important elements like text and important images should be inside the blue safe area of the template about .25″ inside.
• Resolution / DPI – This should be set to 300 when saving your image.
• Fonts – Make sure your text is outlined if you are using a design program like Adobe illustrator.

9×11 EDDM® Postcard Tips

• Less is more when it comes to your wording. The more words you add the less likely your recipient will read your offer.
• If you removed all the text on your 9×11 EDDM postcard. Would they know what your offer is about?
• When adding a coupon or offer be sure to make it for a limited time. Many people may store your offer for years in their home or office.