Backlit Film



Backlit Film

The printable side of our backlit film features an exceptional white point, ensuring vibrant and vivid color printing that catches the eye. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Airport Signs: Create eye-catching and informative signage for airports, guiding passengers with clarity and visibility.
  2. Movie Theater Boxes: Make a lasting impression on moviegoers by showcasing captivating movie posters and promotional graphics in theater boxes.
  3. Menu Displays: Enhance your restaurant or cafe with dynamic and illuminated menu displays, enticing customers with attractive visuals.
  4. Bus Stops: Transform bus stop shelters into attention-grabbing advertising spaces, providing valuable information to commuters in a visually appealing way.
  5. Backlit Exhibits: Illuminate your exhibits at trade shows, galleries, or museums, drawing attention and enhancing the visual impact of your displays.
  6. Window Presentations: Utilize the film’s excellent print quality and light transmission properties to create stunning window presentations that captivate passersby and promote your brand or products.
  7. Retail Store Displays: Engage customers and highlight products effectively with vibrant, backlit displays that create an inviting shopping experience.
  8. Indoor Signage: Whether in malls, corporate environments, or event venues, use backlit film to create impactful indoor signage that stands out and conveys important messages.

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