Step and Repeat Banner

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Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are backdrops used for photo backgrounds at events. The pattern for the step and repeat backdrops display either the event name, company logos, or branding. They are displayed in a pattern design where the images repeat, filling the entire display.

Because of this, step and repeat banners are commonly used for photo backdrops at many Sacramento events. Yes, these are the same backdrops that we often see at award ceremonies and red carpet events.

We offer them for a lot less and in multiple sizes. Plus if you need a custom-sized step and repeat display for your next event, please reach out to us for a custom quote.

Our Step and Repeat banner displays are sublimation printed on 100% Polyester fabric. The images will have a matte-like finish that works well with camera flashes. Step and Repeat banners are a must-have for any Event as it provides a fun backdrop for your guests to use.

Custom Size Step and Repeat Backdrop

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8' Wide x 8' High Step and Repeat Backdrop

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9' Wide x 8' High Step and Repeat Backdrop

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10' Wide x 8' High Step and Repeat Backdrop

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Our step and repeat banners are available in multiple sizes that include

8' wide x 8' 8' wide x 9'8' wide x 10'

What is better for step and repeat banners, fabric vs vinyl.

Fabric vs Vinyl step and repeat banners. That is usually on anyone's mind who has not ordered one before. Fabric and Vinyl both have there Pro's and Con's, but we almost always recommend Fabric for step and repeat banners.

Why do we recommend Fabric over vinyl?

• Fabric is wrinkle resistant unlike matte vinyl. That right there is a big reason it is recommended by us more. • Both Fabric and Matte Vinyl photograph well using flash lighting with minimal glare. • Fabric can be easily folded and stored for future use. Did you know a 8'x8' fabric banner can easily fit into a shopping bag? • Removing wrinkles can easily be fixed by applying low heat from a steamer. • Sublimation is used to dye the ink to your tightly woven fabric. Making colors vibrant and profession looking on your step and repeat banner.

What is included in a Step and repeat banner and stand

• Two feet • Two side poles to support the sides of your backdrop display • Poles to place into the pole pockets of your fabric backdrop • Carry bag to easily move your banner stand • Full color backdrop printed on 100 percent polyester fabric.

how to setup a step and repeat banner

Setting up this Step and Repeat banner is rather straight forward and we plan to make a video soon on setting one up soon. Since the backdrop has pole pockets already sewn in, all you need to do is connect the poles. 2-3 poles depending on the size of your step and repeat banner to hold up the backdrop. And Four poles and one foot for each side to vertically hold up the backdrop. This can be set up as well as taken down quickly. And when you are done it stores easily in its convenient carrying bag.

care and maintenance for step and repeat banner displays

Your banner can fit into the step and repeat banner stand. But, we recommend that you store it in a separate bag. away from direct sunlight. It is suggested to always roll your fabric banner when storing. And be sure that the side with the dye is inside the roll and not facing out. This will store better and last longer.

To wash your banner try first to use just a wet rag, this will help you remove dirt. But if step and repeat banners need care you can place your fabric banner into a washing machine. Just be sure to use the gentle wash cycle and gentle detergent. Do not use heavy detergents or bleach.

To dry, it is advised to hang your back drop banner so that it air drys. When hanging to dry be sure to do so without folding so no wrinkles set in. But if they do you can remove them.

When it comes to removing any wrinkles, just use a hand held steamer on a medium to low setting to remove them.

FAQ on Step and Repeat banners

How long will it wake for step and repeat display to be ready?

Your step and repeat banner is ready within 3-4 business days right here in Sacramento, or local delivery within Sacramento.

Can you design my banner for me?

Graphic design services are available for your step and repeat banner. You can select that option when placing your order and upload the logos, or branding needed. We recommend Vector files when designing and printing your backdrop. This way the logos and branding will print clearly. On top of graphic design services we also offer logo vector recreation.

Why do you sell Step and Repeat banners at such a cheap price?

We sell mainly online through our online web shops and other online sites. We have a physical location here in Sacramento, and we feel that charging more just because we can and still be competitive. Is no reason to do so. So We offer these Step and Repeat banners at the same low price as our online sites. The extra benefit to you, is that you can meet with someone in person in our Sacramento sign and display shop.

Do you sell just the backdrop or just the step and repeat banner stand?

Yes, Backdrops can be purchased individually as well as stand.

Will these make for good photography backdrops?

That is a little more complicated of a question to answer but let me try. First these are made to be used as photo backdrops at events. While they do a great job at displaying your event name and event sponsors in the background. And is not as reflective as vinyl banners making 100% polyester fabric an excellent choice for Step and Repeat banners. This can definitely be a great lower price alternative to photography muslin backdrops. In some cases photographers also will use Matte Vinyl Banners for detailed backdrops if a higher level of detail is needed.

What type of printing is used to create these step and repeat banners?

Sublimation printing is used to make these step and repeat backdrop banners. Dye is transferred to the triple layered woven 9oz polyester fabric using heat. And since there is not much space between the threads, your images will come out looking great. These will have a nice matte like finish and can be used for many more indoor events.

If you have any further questions on our step and repeat banners please use this page to ask your questions.

Plus you are welcome to visit us in person in our Sacramento sign shop location at 4740 Myrtle Ave Unit A, Sacramento, CA 95841. Or call us at (916) 277-9042.

What size should logos be on step and repeat banners?

The standard sizes for logos that surround your step and repeat backdrop are based on the logo, either being a rectangular or square ratio.

We advise that rectangular logos are found to be anywhere from seven to eleven inches in width. If you are sending a square ration logo, a size of five to seven inches is the industry standard.

Please note that we can revise the art to any size and layout your event and sponsors require. We are here to help, but these logo sizes may offer you some insight on proper logo sizes for a step and repeat banner.