8×10 Step and Repeat Banner

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Step and Repeat Banner
10′ Wide 8′ High
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8×10 Step and Repeat Banner

8 feet high by 10 feet wide

8×10 Step and Repeat banner or press walls are often seen at important events such as award ceremonies, important events, and sometimes family gatherings. Most often step and repeat banners display an events logo. And can also incorporate top sponsors onto the backdrop display. We are offering an 8×10 step and repeat banners in Sacramento for a very cheap price. Even with a low price we include a fabric 100 percent polyester backdrop which is better than vinyl i many ways for the same low price. This is an Event planner’s bargain!

8x10 step and repeat banner Sacramento

8×10 Step and Repeat banners with 100% Polyester Fabric Backdrop.

Your backdrop banner starts as being a triple woven 9oz polyester fabric. It is so tightly woven that the colors look vibrant and have a matte finish like shine. Using sublimation print technology these are printed onto 8×10 fabric banners. After printing pole pockets are created so that your step and repeat banner is fast and easy to assemble. The top and bottom of the repeated wall simply slide into the top and bottom poles. If you would like a custom step and repeat banner please let us know by getting in contact with us today in Sacramento.

The benefit of a fabric step and repeat banner over vinyl?

• Fabric is easy to care for. Cleaning can be as easy as using a damp rag to clean up a small spot of dirt. And if you need to do a more thorough cleaning. Then a quick time in a washing machine can get your step and repeat backdrop looking refreshed. Just be sure to use the gentle cycle only and no heavy detergents.

• Fabric banners are made of 100 percent polyester and are considered to be wrinkle-free. They can however wrinkle if stored for a period of time or not dried correctly. So after washing it is best to hang your press wall so that there are no folds and let it air dry. And if you do get a wrinkle, just use a low setting on a handheld steamer. You can easily remove it faster than removing a wrinkle on vinyl backdrops.

• Fabric banners can be reused for many indoor events and will hold up much better than vinyl will. You will have to not be concerned with many creases or wrinkling and carrying your backdrop is much lighter.

Do you need a custom size step and repeat banner?

if an 8×10 step and repeat banner is not the right size for your event. We offer some additional sizes as well.

Our standard sizes available are

8×8 step and repeat banner

8×9 step and repeat banner

• 8×10 step and repeat banner

• Custom sizes

Custom sizing is available but depending on the size needed we may need to offer you a different indoor stand. This step and repeat stand is a minimum of 75 inches to a maximum of 120 inches wide. And the height is a minimum of 41 inches and a maximum of 106 inches. If you need to use a larger step and repeat banner then we may need to use a different display stand. So please feel free to contact us so we can look into your project in more detail and provide you the best price that we can for your next big event.

More than just Step and Repeat printing.

these can also be printed to be used as a photography backdrop display. If you would like to have a custom backdrop to use for a photoshoot instead of repeating logos and branding, we can do that too.

Many photographers use these banners and stand to use as backdrops for photo opportunities. It is also common to have a second fabric banner around with a different background to change out through the event. If placed in a sponsors area this can be an incentive to bring your event guests another to visit that area again later in the evening.

No matter what we are offering to you, we will always try to give you the best options for your project. And of course, along with our free advice on what materials to use, we will offer them to you at a heavily competitive price. Design services are also available in person at our Sacramento print and sign shop location.