3.5×8.5 Rack Cards

3.5×8.5 Rack Cards

Prices start at only $40.00

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3.5 x 8.5 Rack cards

rack cards are often seen in high-traffic tourist areas, hotels, travel centers, conventions and many places where larger groups of people gather. Most of the time rack cards are used in promoting events and locations. But did you know that there’s a lot more use that card?

We can use a double folded rack card to display more information perfect for restaurants and cafés in the local Sacramento area. You can use the perforated bottom of the rack card and I would suggest selecting the uncoated option. This way could help them fill out a review slip For a coupon, a keepsake. We have even seen it used as questionnaires. There are a ton of uses we are going to save you money on any of our rack card offerings in Sacramento. These are a perfect way to save at the conventions that we have here in town

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