Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail Sacramento

Every Door Direct Mail Sacramento

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, for short, is one of the most significant values when it comes to marketing your with your business with postcards. And brochures for that matter. So let me give you the rundown on what EDDM is and how it can help your business grow locally and nationally.

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What is Every Door Direct Mail?

With EDDM delivery your postcard is delivered to all the addresses on a specific postal carriers route that day. Since your postcards are going to every address there is no need to purchase a mailing list, or even get any special permits. It is so easy. There are two levels of service for Every door direct mail you can choose and the first one I would like to explain is the retail one. The other one is Every door direct mail the same name but instead of retail it is for larger campaigns with over 5000 pieces or more per day.

How much does Every Door Direct Mail cost?

With EDDM Retail you only pay $0.177 per door. Now I am sure some of you have done walking up to homes and placing a postcard or something on a homes door before. I believe all marketers have dome there fair share of being in the trenches. But with the USPS you no longer need to, so you can spend more time on another marketing campaign or just more time for work and family. There are also door to door marketing companies out there and I am sure there are good ones out there, but there are always the opposite. Sure maybe one employee can make them appear not as reputable. But why risk it. When the United States Post Office says they are going to deliver your postcards you know it will not wind up in someones garbage can. They will be delivered and for a very fair price.

What are the requirements for Every Door Direct Mail Retail?

• You need to bring the mailers to the local post office in charge of that route. We also provide full service so you do not need to deliver them to a post office yourself. As well as some other perks when we provide you with our FULL EDDM SERVICE PROGRAM

• You will send as low as 200 postcards per day and only up to 5000 postcards maximum per day.

• Your postcard is the required size and thickness to be used in an EDDM delivery campaign. Yes, not all sizes can be used. But sometimes finding the correct sizes can be time consuming to research. So we made it easier by offering postcard runs that fit the USPS EDDM mailing  requirements. The sizes we offer as EDDM Postcards are printed and trimmed to the required sizes.

• The correct EDDM Indicia needs to be placed correctly onto each postcard. This is printed on so your design must include it correctly. As a free service we also offer to add a Retail EDDM Indicia onto your art file at no additional fee. Here is  more information on EDDM Indicias.

• Postcards need to be Bundled into sets of 100 or 50. We offer Bundling as an option into sets of 100. If you choose to bundle them yourself I would recommend using paper straps, or rubber bands for sets of 50. Using Rubber bands can put a crease on the edges of your postcard stack though.

• A facing slip label must be placed on to each stack and filled out properly with the amount in the bundle. Here is the EDDM facing slip to save you some time.

• Select the postal carrier routes you want to target. Go to USPS Route selector finder here. And you will be able to see how many addresses are available in a given route. It will also tell you if you need to bring them all to just one postal office or more.

• You are now ready to bring your next marketing campaign into the local post office in charge of that route. You will need to pay the postmaster the delivery fees.

Every Door Direct Mail FAQ

What if my route is only 786 homes,  how many should I order?

It would be most cost effective to order a set of 1000 pieces. The additional postcards may still be useful to market around the community. Please also note that in order to keep prices low as possible there is an over and under run policy of 5 percent on offset printed items. But, to clarify our goal is to always provide you with the amount ordered and more often we are over and do not charge additional for over runs.

Does my design fit correctly for an EDDM Postcard?

We review every image that comes in before we print. So if we do notice that your labeling is not correct we will alert you if you select the option for us to review it. We also check to ensure that the images are setup correctly. We cannot check for misspellings. But if we find them we will alert you to resend the art, instead of just printing as is.

Do I need a permit for Every Door Direct Mail Retail?

No, with EDDM Retail you can send 200 to 5000 postcards per day. All without getting any permits.

Can you add the EDDM Retail Indicia for me?

Yes, Just select that option when placing your order on the website online. But, before we can proceed to print, you will need to review the revised art.