6.5×9 EDDM® Postcards

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6.5×9 EDDM® Postcards – 5,000 $433 Double Sided


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6.5 x 9 EDDM® sized postcards are available to be printed onto 14 or 16 point cover stock. 14 PT is our most popular option. Because it has a terrific price point and is a thick cover stock. You can get 10,000 6.5×9 EDDM® postcards for only $624-$750

We include a UV gloss coating at no additional cost to you. UV gloss will make the colors on your design more vibrant. And make your 6.5×9 EDDM® postcards even thicker. In fact, the only reason I would recommend not to have any gloss coating is if you would like to write on the postcard itself. Because you cannot write on UV gloss coating.

In-store pickup is available at our Sacramento Print and Sign shop or we can deliver them to you via UPS.

6.5 x 9 EDDM® postcards are available

• printed single-sided
• Double-Sided
• Color Front and BW Back


Setting up your 6.5×9 EDDM® Postcard correctly.

These are first printed and then trimmed to size. To ensure a full bleed your background file needs to be 6.627×9.127 at 300 resolution. In pixels size that comes to 2738×1988. This size will ensure that your image fits the template. Please keep all important elements away from the edges.

6.5×9 EDDM® Postcard Reference Guide.

We suggest using a template to ensure the correct size.

• Bleed – Be sure that your background is 6.627×9.127 at 300 dpi or 2738×1988 pixels
• Safe Area – Keep all important text and elements quarter in inside the 6.5×9 design
• DPI – This is also called resolution. Images are printed at 300 dpi
• Fonts – Please be sure that if you are sending a pdf that all text is outlined.
• Layers – Please do not send a layered file.

6.5×9 EDDM® Postcard Tips

Rewrite 3 tips from the article that will be called EDDM Postcard Design Tips

• Keep your design and message simple. Too many words become overwhelming and can ruin your response rate.
• Add coupons to your design. Make sure they have a time limit and that your eyes are easily drawn to your discounted offer.
• Research the routes your Every Door Direct Mail delivery will be on. How old are the homes can be important if you are offering a residential service to upgrade older homes? But maybe harder in a new home community.

For more tips on EDDM postcard design please see the EDDM Postcard Design Tips.