8×8 Step and Repeat Banner

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8×8 Step and Repeat Banner
8′ High x 8′ Wide
• Production 3-5...


8×8 Step and Repeat Banner
8′ High x 8′  Wide

8×8 Step and Repeat banners are custom printed for your next big event. We know event planners have so many responsibilities to handle, so our goal is to assist you as much as we can for your backdrop banner display. Our designers can take your events logo or message and create a step and repeat banner for your next event. Plus this comes with a Free travel bag.

8x8 step and repeat banner Sacramento

What material is your 8×8 step and repeat banner printed on?

We use sublimation printing onto Polyester Fabric. Polyester step & repeat backdrops are highly preferred for many reasons. Some of the reasons include.?
• Wrinkle Free – 9oz wrinkle-free polyester fabric will not give you the wrinkles that vinyl banners will. This makes setup time for your event banner a lot faster as you do not need to heat up the vinyl for a few hours to reduce the wrinkling.

• Printed on 9oz Polyester Fabric – Polyester is washable, and does not scratch. If you have used your backdrops at a few events you may have come across the annoyance of the vinyl being scratched.

• Installation – Installing new step and repeat banners is faster than Vinyl. Since it does not take up as much space around you as it would if you were to use a vinyl step and repeat backdrop.

Can you make a custom sized step and repeat banner?

Yes, but please keep in mind if you are going to use the same stand that we provide the backdrop stand has a width of 75-120 inches and a height of 41-106 inches.

Are these good to use for photo backdrops?

Yes, These are the same materials that we prefer to recommend when someone wants to order a backdrop display for there photo booth.

Why are your prices so low for your Step and Repeat Backdrops?

We are located in Sacramento, but have been an online print provider for over 5 years and already have established pricing so that we can be highly competitive with other online providers. And just because we have physical locations in other areas in the US including Sacramento. We feel that offering different price points would not only agitate our current clients but would also, be harder to justify to ourselves. Our family has agreed that we will continue to offer the same low prices that we do on our other websites to our local walk-in clients who visit us in person in Sacramento.



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