33×81 Banner Stand

$59.00 STAND ONLY $99.00 PRINT and STAND

33″ x 81″ Banner Stand (standard)
Production: 4-5 Business Days...


33×81 Banner Stand – Standard – $59

33×81 Banner Stand on Sale for the low price of $89.  This is the best deal we have, when it comes to standard banner stands with print. And for such a cheap price you get this printed on a material that is superior to vinyl. And that material is Fabric polyester. To readout why fabric is commonly referred as to a better material for indoor banner display please view the lower part of this page.

These banner stands are colorful, light and easily portable. And did you know that they also come with a carrying case at no extra charge. You will get a lot of use from these indoor banner displays, because the quality of the print will last you a very long time. And the base is made of aluminum with adjustable feet.

33x81 banner stand

Fabric Banner Stand

Fabric for a banner stand is one of the best materials to choose. Polyester Fabric is wrinkle resistant. If your banner does get a wrinkle from prolonged storage you can use a hand steamer at a low setting to quickly remove the wrinkle. Removing a wrinkle from a vinyl banner is an entirely different process and can take some time and effort.

The coloring process is a sublimation process where the ink is dyed onto the fabric, which gives your colors a vibrant professional print. The fabric is made of  9oz wrinkle free tightly woven polyester. So these are durable and can be cleaned.

Caring for your 33×81 Banner stand display

We recommend that you do clean your banner only needed. To do so wash in Cold Water only, and if you must use a washer machine please be sure that it is placed on the gentle wash cycle. When the wash is complete, be sure to lay your banner flat when hanging it for drying. This will help you avoid creating wrinkles when drying. But if you do notice a few wrinkles you use a hand steamer on a low setting to remove them easily.

33×81 Banner Stands for Indoors

The size alone draws attention as these are tall enough to stand out among the crowd of other indoor signs. This is the same material that we use for backdrops for photo displays. The low light reflection comes in handy at indoor event s such as tradeshows where people maybe using flash photography. Glossy vinyl would give you a hard white washout glare where these will not under most circumstances..

We currently have the 33×81 banner stand on sale but we also have many other indoor banner stand displays available. Just follow the link.

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