Simpo Sign II

Price:$69.00 $63.00

Simpo Sign ii
Frame Pickup 1 Business Day
Production w/Print 3-4 Days


Simpo Sign II on Sale $63

Simpo Sign II has so many features built in.  That you are going to want more than one. And now at Costello Print Shop, Your low price Plasticade retailer. You can pickup a simpo sign on your choice of black or white color for only $63. 

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About the Simpo Sign II

Simpo Sign II is made with a 100% plastic mold that features Plasticade’s Quick-Change™ feature that allows you to easily change the 22 in x 28 in signs. Once your sign is installed it will stay well secured until you replace your sign the next time. There are no other tools needed to apply. No more, Velcro, Adhesive or bolts. 

Plasticade is know for quality and ease of use. There is a built in handle that makes moving this sign easier than most other sign displays. And since the handle is molded into the entire sign display you do not need to deal with, handles coming off or breaking over time.

The all plastic body of the A frame sign make this sign stand very easy  to maintain a clean and well organised appearance. You can easily clean the Simpo Sign with some soap and water. You will not need to be concerned about the sign frame becoming rusty, or splintery. Plastic is really one of the best material to use for a sign frame display.

Simpo Sign has a built in Sign rider display.

With Simpo Sign you can add a 4 in x 24 in sign rider easily with no extra tools or pieces required. Just simply stand your Simpo Sign upright and use the molded in Sign Rider clips to display your sign rider. When you combine the Sign Rider with the Two 22 in x 28 in signs you are getting up to four different signs to display on just one sign frame.

Your Simpo Sign 2 can be secured with sand.

Adding additional weight to your sign is accomplished easily by adding up to 6lbs of sand using the easy fill feature on your Simpo Sign. This is nice feature to have in areas where breezes may appear. This is a must have feature that is not available in a lot of other signs.

Plasticade shopping at the lowest prices out there in Sacramento. At Costello Print Shop we meet or beat our own cheap prices that we offer on our competitive online only web stores. We have a new location right here in Sacramento near American River College. You are welcome to come on in or give us a call, so that we can answer all of your questions. We a are a featured Plasticade retailer and would like the opportunity to assist you on any questions you may have for us.  

Plus, we do offer graphic design services if you need help setting up the best images to insert into your Simpo Sign.