Perforated Window Vinyl 60/40


Perforated Window Vinyl 60/40
Production: 4-5 Business Days



Perforated Window Vinyl

• Perfect for Windows and Vehicles

• 60/40 Vinyl

Our perforated window vinyl is a perfect way to attract people’s attention outside of your building, as well as your vehicle. From the outside those passing by will be able to seeing your graphics and message. While you inside your building or vehicle will be still able to look outside.
These are often seen displayed on storefront windows, and vehicles from buses to cars.

Easiest way to explain 60/40 perforated vinyl. Is that 60% of the vinyl is printable, while 40% is made up of the perforated holes. The print side of vinyl starts off as white perforated window vinyl. While the backside is black. The black side is also, the adhesive side. So these will be mounted outside the window.

We also offer window vinyl without perforation. To learn more please select our standard window vinyl in the menu to the left.

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