Sign Up Shared Postcard Marketing Campaign

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Shared Postcard Ad Mail



Sign Up Shared Postcard Marketing Campaign

Sacramento shared Postcard Ad mail via USPS EDDM Delivery.

💸 Limited Time Promo: 1000 Homes for Only $150!

Jumpstart your marketing journey with our exclusive promotional offer. Reach the first 1000 homes in your desired area for just $150. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your visibility and attract new customers at an unbeatable price!

Unlock Success with Our Shared Postcard Marketing Campaigns!

Are you ready to elevate your marketing strategy and reach a broader audience? Look no further! Introducing our 9×12 EDDM postcard mailers designed exclusively for your business success.

Specialized EDDM Expertise

Our 9×12 postcards are optimized for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaigns, making distribution a breeze. Benefit from our specialized expertise in EDDM to maximize your outreach without missing any potential customers.

🌐 Broaden Your Reach

Reach every doorstep in your target area with our expansive 9×12 postcards. Whether you’re promoting a grand opening, special offer, or upcoming event, our shared campaigns ensure your message stands out and makes an impact.

🎨 Dynamic Ad Display: 6×9 Inches on a 12×9 Oversized Postcard!

Your message deserves to be seen. Enjoy a generous 6×9 inch ad space on our oversized 12×9 postcards, ensuring your content captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

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