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Sacramento Yard Signs

Sacramento Yard Signs

Yard signs are available in Corrugated Plastic, Polyboard and Bonded Aluminum. When it comes to the term outdoor yard sign. The person is often referring to a sign that is held up by an H-Stake or stapled to a post. Sometimes these can be called Bandit Signs. We offer many outdoor signs, but for this page, we will advertise our low prices on 4mm Direct printed Corrugated plastic signs and Polyboard signs. These are both often used for Campaign Signs, Event Signs, Open House signs, And Promotional signs.

The Signs below are suitable for outdoors. But only the Corrugated plastic signs are waterproof. The Polyboard signs are still popular outdoors. But Harsh weather will greatly lower their longevity.

Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Available in Multiple Sizes and Options.

Corrugated Plastic is perfect for someone looking for a low priced out door rated Yard Sign. These are Durable and water proof. These signs are very lightweight making it easy to carry and place these signs.

The most common uses for these are to be used for advertising new business's, Open House Signs, by restaurants displaying lunch specials, contractor signs and much more. Please note these are available in multiple thicknesses. 4mm is the most commonly used for yard signs.

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