Sacramento Outdoor Signs

Sacramento Outdoor Signs

Sacramento outdoor signs by Costello Print Shop. When you purchase your outdoor sign from us. You will save money. In fact we often price our competition to make sure we are saving you as much as we can when it comes to our signs.

We also understand that sometimes you may have questions when it comes to which materials to use for your outdoor sign.  Many times, there are different variables when it comes to making a decision on what materials to use for and outdoor sign. This is usually influenced by either cost, and how long the outdoor sign will be displayed. And of course in what type of environment that sign is going to be in. We would love the opportunity to help you make a fully informed decision onto what type of materials to use. So let us help you be sure that you are selecting the right material for your sign and needs. While making sure that you are not overpaying for your outdoor sign.

Below are some of the options that we have currently available, that are created to these displayed outside.

Sacramento, CA


Yard Signs

Campaign Signs


Post and Pole Signs

Commercial Real Estate Signs

Vehicle Graphics

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Arrow Shaker Signs

Plasticade Signs

A-Frame Signs

What materials do we use for custom outdoor signs

  • Bonded aluminum: bonded aluminum is made up of two aluminum sheets with a plastic core in between. This is our go to material for making outdoor signs that will last for many years. This is very popular when it comes to real estate signs. These look great hanging from a signpost. And has a light carrying weight. This is also a great material to use if you are looking into a more durable outdoor sign for your place of business. For more information on bonded aluminum signs please visit this page Sacramento bonded aluminum signs
  • Corrugated plastic: these are extremely lightweight, as well as waterproof. Making these one of the most popular sign substrates that we offer your in Sacramento. For those of you not familiar with corrugated materials, it is basically similar to a piece of cardboard box but made of plastic. We offer these in a variety of thicknesses which are 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. we offer direct printing as well as full-color printing vinyl applied to the corrugated plastic. Which type is right for you? Please give us a call we were happy to answer your questions.
  • Plasticade signs: we are happy to offer Sacramento some of the best prices when it comes to Plasticade Signicade outdoor displays. Have a look at some of our low prices on plasticade displays.
  • A-Frames: Besides Plasticade we also offer sign frames, sandwich boards and other outdoor display tools.
  • Banners: We offer these in a wide variety of finishes and thickness. Our most popular is our 13ox Matte Banner for only $1.99 a square foot. Glossy finish and other thicknesses are also available.

FAQ on Outdoor Signs?

Where are you located?

We are located at 4740 Myrtle Ave, Unit A  Sacramento, Ca 95841. Down the street from American River College. 

Can you install my sign for me?

We offer installations for most outdoor sign placements. And if we cannot, we can refer you to someone who will.

What is you turnaround time?

Most signs are ready within 3 business days. Please contact us if you have a particular deadline you need to meet.

Do you deliver?

Yes, We can deliver your sign within the Sacramento area.

If I buy more signs, can I get an even cheaper price?

Absolutely, our costs go down when we order more materials. So why shouldn’t your price 🙂

What material should my sign be made of?

That is a good question. And I think you stopping in for a consult, or a quick phone call will be best. We want to learn about your needs.