EDDM Postcard Design Tips

EDDM Postcard Design Tips

These EDDM Postcard design tips should be used even if you are not mailing with Every door direct mail. The goal of this page is to help you brainstorm a marketing postcard that will generate you more business or increase attendance at your upcoming event. While reading through these tips and you have any questions for us, please give us a call. We are real people in Sacramento, Ca.

There is a common concern everyone has when they attempt there first Postcard marketing attempt. And that is, Will this work? The answer is Yes, it can work. But, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for your mailer or door to door campaign so that is can be its very best. Design, is a very important element of that. If you have a low budget do not skimp on your design time. Make sure it looks just as good as your competitors out there. Because, the last thing you want is for someone who picks up your postcard mailer for the first time, is that it looks of low quality. Make sure that your EDDM Postcard design conveys that your services are professional. That you understand the importance of looking professional. And that you are ready to help them by solving one of there needs, professionally. A text only postcard with a lot of words may not convey this as well as a thought out design and call to action.

Planning your design and call to action.

Some of the best postcard designs for marketing have one thing in common. They keep it simple, They walk the viewers eyes without a lot of distracting words to the call of action.  What is the intended result for your EDDM Postcard campaign? Once you have that, the following tips may be helpful to you in planning your EDDM postcard design.

• Use images that explain what your EDDM postcard is about.
Most people will just quickly scan there mail. They are trying to decide on which mail is needed and what is not. Postcards with just too many words and not enough images. Or better yet large images displaying what the postcard is offering them. Can easily be placed in the discard pile. So be sure that if you removed all the words in your postcard. Would it still show the receiver what you are offering or problem you are trying to help solve?

• Headlines that get straight to the point.
We have seen many EDDM postcards designed with no headlines at all. That, is such a missed opportunity to quickly convey what your offer is about. A standout headline will have a lot of contrast that immediately gets the readers attention. No matter if you place your head to the side or traditionally up on the top. Be sure that it is not being hidden by distracting images. Which is why we recommend a good solid color background to display behind the text. Blue is a calming color and is quite popular for this reason. You may want to research color theory as well for marketing.

• Keep text quick and to the point.
Every paragraph you add can make your postcard, more of a chore to read. Remember people will be simply scanning your EDDM Postcard design, for basically what is it it for them. So let them see the benefits that you can provide them. And then lead them to your offer. And place a quick call to action. You can explain and care for there questions once they bit, and contact you via the phone.

• Give them your best offer ever!
The goal here is to convert and obtain a new customer. I would suggest giving them the best deal that you can reasonably offer. But be sure that you let them know that it is only for a limited time. There are a number of reasons to limit the time of your offer. Could be supply availability, special programs. Or that you are targeting and working with specific community’s in a certain time frame to keep prices low, and most of your work in a specific area. Be sure to place a expiration date. So many people will sometimes store your postcard till next season or more.

• Offer or Coupon area stands out.
Be sure that your offer stands out. An easy way to do this is by having your text on top of a eye catching color background. Your offer area should stand alone in its own area. Many people also like to add coupon cut out dashes along the area. It has been said that areas that are framed, get more attention. So the dashes or defining outline is always a plus.

• Your company logo and branding colors should always be used.
Be sure to place your logo where it can be easily viewed. But I would not suggest making it the focus of your postcard. Your postcard is all about them getting relief from a problem that they have, by a professional, for a good price. Your logo or branding is important in increasing your brand recognition awareness. And using your company colors consistent in all other forms of marketing can help that grow.  So I would strongly recommend these color and logo tips for your EDDM postcard design.

• Return address area.
This is not needed for EDDM postcard delivery. But adding a Return address label can help build trust to the receiver. Let them know that you are a real person or business. And that you are also local in your area.

• Social Media
This is also a great way to grow your social media presence. Even if it is something as simple as just displaying the logo of a social media site like Google Business or Facebook. It can be another way for them to contact you. Or learn more about your company or event.

• QR Codes
This is one of my favorite items to add on a EDDM postcard. But, it is often rarely used. These codes can be so powerful. I would still say that you need to spell out your current offer. But you can also use the QR Code area to rotate offers that are past a certain date. So for example valid until a specified date. But after that date they can scan to see more offers.

• Contact information.
Be sure to have your two main or preferred contact option easy to find. This is best displayed right after your call to action.

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